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Balance Club Stories


The balance club has really helped me in many ways and I wasn’t sure what to expect to start with. The bundles every month are fab and the recipes are so amazing that my family members have me making their food for them. It helps me balance my life of full time work, raising two beautiful children and maintaining a clean and healthy household. It has changed my life in many ways, I am trying to manage stress more and I am starting a yoga class after the New Year. I am using the method Laura suggests with being more mindful. Before joining this I would quite happily eat a whole packet of biscuits but I now sit back and say no, I don’t need the whole packet, even just one or two to get rid of the cravings. I actually sit down and eat my food and enjoy it which is something that I never used to do as I would be running around sorting the children and eating bit by bit never feeling like I actually eat a meal. I am thankful for Laura and everyone else in the balance club including all the guests like Laura Thomas which really put my eating into perspective. I am 100 steps further than where I was and feel I am getting more balanced but still have my off days as I am only human. I feel still being part of the balance club and part of this group in the future will help me achieve that balance and I look forward to that.

I am feeling more balanced in many ways, most importantly I no longer punish myself for eating foods that are sometimes referred to as bad. They aren’t bad and sometimes they are needed, being more balanced has helped me to stop binging and thinking that because I have eaten ‘bad’ food I might as well carry on for the weekend. Now the next meal is the ‘go to’ healthy meal and not 3 days later. I am also more balanced with my children, more happier in general as I feel less anxious as I focus on the most important things in my life such as the health of my children, myself and my family and being grateful that I have them. I also feel more worthy as an individual. Laura has fantastic live sessions on Facebook which has really helped me have the ‘couldn’t care if I am not a size 0’ attitude. Being healthy and having people who I love and care about is more important than feeling less worthy because I am not at a certain weight. Although I have lost nearly 3 stone this year I am in no rush to lose the last stone as I want to concentrate on getting healthy and being more mindful as I still have my binges but less so now. Being part of this group is life changing and even changing just a few things, even if it’s making one of Laura’s recipes you will be hooked. For the price you pay each month it was well worth it.

My favourite element is the live sessions Laura does . I watch it on catch up on Facebook if can’t make the sessions and feel it really supports me and I always agree with every word Laura says and then I feel less guilty about having a bad day whether it be in work or with food. She has made me realise that life happens and to not regret choices I make. Make memories and enjoy life, less stressful and more mindful, be in the moment. That is something I have really taken on board ‘being in the moment’ not sitting on the sidelines. I have Laura to the group to thank for that.



I have been looking for a way to become more healthy and at the same time not be obsessive about it. Then to stop being on a diet. I have been on a diet for decades it feels like. On and off anyway and I wanted to stop that cycle. I just want to focus on my well being and my health not what the scales say. The Balance Club is really helping with this.
I have recently found out I have an under active thyroid. The healthy food ideas and menus are really helping with this. Also the self reflection and mindset work is really helping me get back to how I used to be before my thyroid started playing up

I am now focusing on me more. I am focusing on being nourished. My attitude to food has changed completely. I am also realising what is important to me and my life. The Balance Club has helped me do that. I also plan meals more now and cook ahead. This is such a good thing both health wise and from a time saving perspective.

There isn’t one thing. There are several. The recipes are all really tasty and easy (all the family love them). The menu plans make life so much easier. The cookups are really really helpful. Plus all the live calls, the focus for the month and book club work is proving to be so helpful. I have also found being part of the community really motivational. And finally the monthly reflection is such a simple thing to do but without Laura reminding me to do it I am not sure I would. My next step will be to do the exercise flows which I am looking forward to starting and they look really good.



I love the philosophy of the balance club, I joined initially as I wanted help to lose weight in a healthy way but without the ‘diet’ mentality but it is much more than that. It has given me a really good insight into all areas of my life and I feel as if I am more in control as a result.

I feel able to evaluate areas of my life and look at what a I might want to change but without the pressure that, for example, a diet might give. I have been through a tough patch with work and felt able to cope with the stress much more constructively than before. The other huge thing has been letting go of the guilt, whether it’s for eating too much, not doing the housework or not getting in touch with a friend, I had no idea how much guilt played a part in my life before joining.

For me it’s the Facebook group. I am not a big user of social media, in fact I signed up to Facebook just for the Balance Club, but I find the discussions on there so helpful. Everyone is so helpful, supportive and non-judgemental and it is so good to know that there are other people in all different places but feeling all the same pressures and worries as me. Seeing how they approach things and make changes helps inspire me to do that same.


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The Balance Club has definitely had a positive impact on my life and also on my family. The recipes are delicious and they have encouraged me to add a more diverse range of meals to the routine. I get pretty fed up with the endless meal prep for my fussy family and I am feeling more inspired (and determined) to get everyone eating the same healthy food at mealtimes with just the odd tweak for the teens! It has definitely helped me to pause and consider ‘is this balanced’ on several occasions especially when I am rushing around trying to cram everything into a short space of time. Our lives are pretty busy; being part of The Balance Club had encouraged me to take a moment and breathe!

It’s a work in progress but I think I feel more balanced because I am beating myself up less these days. We speak to ourselves with such negativity but since the club started and because of Laura’s hard work in finding amazing guests, good books and the work she does to put all this info to us in a down to earth and understandable/relatable way, I am so much more calm, accepting and positive of myself. Thank you Laura x

This is hard to answer! I like many elements. I enjoy the monthly Balance bundle, the recipes and the themes. I’m afraid I have yet to use the tracking sheets or monthly journals but I’ll get there in the end! I really like the monthly guest, like the book club, love the live chats (although I’ve only caught 1 live I’ve watched them all) and I’m looking forward to 2017 🙂