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Balance Club Terms and Conditions


  1. Members may not share The Balance Club resources with non members
  2. Members may not share their login details to The Balance Club hub with non members
  3. No refunds will be available on membership fees apart from in exceptional circumstances
  4. Members can terminate their subscription via their PayPal account at any time (members with alternative payment arrangements should contact to terminate their agreements)
  5. Members can suspend their accounts for up to 6 months and retain their current membership fee if they rejoin in that time. Email to set this up.
  6. Any member who terminates their subscription without arranging an account freeze loses their current member status and low cost fee should they choose to re-subscribe in the future when the cost is higher
  7. Members who cancel their subscription shall have their account terminated (including access to the Facebook group) on the 28th of that calendar month (or shortly thereafter) irrespective of when they processed their cancellation
  8. If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions please contact