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The Balance Club is currently closed. Please check out the Wholehearted Journal and join the free Wholehearted Collective Facebook Group here.

If you’re tired of feeling like you’re the last thing on your to-do list…

If you’re fed up of feeling unbalanced. 

If you’re so over feeling like you’ll never have your shit together.

If you feel disconnected, unmotivated and uninspired…

Good News! You don’t have to feel like that anymore


welcome to the

The Balance Club is an online community of women from all over the world who are discovering what balance looks like for them and supporting each other through that process.

The club is hosted and advised by me, Laura Agar Wilson, a health coach and wellbeing geek with a passion for being wholehearted!

We have members of all ages, all from a multitude of different backgrounds but with the common aim of showing up for themselves every day.

The Balance Club is so much more than an ‘anti diet club’ –  it’s a community that offers totally whole-istic support to help you become your most wholehearted self.


When you become a Balance BFF (that’s best friend forever!) this is what you get every month:

sweet potato pancakes 3

5 exclusive seasonal family friendly recipes – all healthy and delicious! (with veggie and vegan options)


A library of super helpful Balance Basic Resources that introduce you to our foundation themes

 Monthly topics, a book club and an optional mini challenge to keep you motivated and moving forward

1-2-1 support and accountability from Laura, a top wellness coach

Masterclasses with guest experts to support you across a wide range of themes and topics linked to health and wellbeing

Monthly Embrace Guides to help you become more intune with natures cycles, plan out your self care and review, reflect and plan

And last but not least, an amazing community of women who are all finding their balance too, in our vibrant Facebook Group!


Plus there’s no long term contracts and no risk. Leave at the click of a button if you decide the club isn’t the right fit.

The Balance Club will help you approach your entire wellbeing in a different way than you ever have before. All of our information and support taps into these key wellbeing areas:

Self Care




When you start and see how each of these areas are playing out in your life now, everything will change. 

  • You’ll start and be your own expert
  • You won’t feel the constant pull to start yet another diet
  • You’ll feel less guilt and overwhelm
  • If you do feel like your balance is off – you have a community of women, just like you, that have your back and will support you to feel good again


The Balance Club has helped me in so many ways. I feel more balanced, and most importantly I no longer punish myself for eating foods sometimes referred to as bad. My favourite element of the club is the live sessions from Laura, I watch them on catch up on Facebook if I can’t make them live. I feel they really support me and I always agree with every word Laura says and then feel less guilty about having a bad day.


The balance club has allowed ease back into my life. It has given me space to relax around my health and look at what is right for me. I make better choices day to day rather than starting a new more extreme diet every few months to try and lose weight. I love the magazine, it’s so beautifully designed with healthy and simple recipes and fab advice from Laura


Hedgehog Healing

The Balance Club has helped me find a way to be healthy without being on a diet and being obsessive about it. It’s helped me focus on my health and not on the scales. I’m now focusing on me more, and my attitude to food has changed completely.


The Balance Club has given me new ideas, helped me gain perspective and made me realise although I’m unique others will likely have dealt with similar things as me and can offer experience and knowledge to help me learn more about myself.
It’s definitely helping me realise how a more holistic approach can be easier to implement and stick with. I love The Balance Club community – nothing is too silly to ask or beyond help.


Want to read some longer case studies from members? Check out The Balance Club Stories page here.

And now introducing the monthly Balance Bundle Magazine, exclusively for The Balance Club members packed with exclusive recipes and articles

I was surviving before, I feel as though since joining The Balance Club I have started to live again. Calm. Content. No longer feeling overwhelmed. My favourite element of the club is the Facebook group – the support, the checkins and the accessibility.


I joined initially as I wanted help to lose weight in a healthy way but without the ‘diet’ mentality but it is much more than that. It has given me a really good insight into all areas of my life and I feel as if I am more in control as a result. The other huge thing has been letting go of the guilt, whether it’s for eating too much, not doing the housework or not getting in touch with a friend, I had no idea how much guilt played a part in my life before joining. My favourite part of the club is the Facebook group. I am not a big user of social media, in fact I signed up to Facebook just for the Balance Club, but I find the discussions on there so helpful. Everyone is so helpful, supportive and non-judgemental and it is so good to know that there are other people in all different places but feeling all the same pressures and worries as me. Seeing how they approach things and make changes helps inspire me to do that same.


The Balance Club has helped me to learn to put myself first and make more time for myself. I love interacting with all the likeminded ladies in the club.


Ready to find your balance?








symbol 2Who’s The Balance Club for?

Ok, so The Balance Club isn’t right for everyone, but if this sounds like you, it could be an amazing fit!

  • You’re a serial dieter ready to quit the habit
  • You’re fed up of trying to keep spinning all the plates while you inevitably get left until last
  • You know you’d benefit from more self care but struggle with fitting it in and feeling guilty when you do manage it
  • If you’re seeking a deeper understanding of your own spirtuality, or you’re a little ‘woo curious’ – i.e. moon cycles and tarot cards!
  • You’re ready to develop a quality, long lasting fad free relationship with food and exercise
  • You’d like to develop more self love and body confidence
  • You’re a busy woman who struggles to make healthy living work for her
  • You feel a little disillusioned with both diet culture and the trendy ‘clean eating’ and wellness scene
  • You’re looking for something affordable that’s going to deliver real results
  • You know that having some accountability helps you make changes and stick to habits

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Who’s The Balance Club not for?

  • If losing weight is more of a priority for you than developing a sustainable balanced lifestyle you might not get the immediate results you’re looking for
  • If you’re seeking any kind of quick fix
  • You’re not committed to doing the work needed to see a positive shift
  • If you need more intensive support on a 1-2-1 level (then my 1-2-1 services might be better suited for you)

Why take a class or short term programme when you can take a journey? Get all of that for just £9 / $11 or less a month!

Why be Laura’s Balance BFF?

Hi, I’m Laura! I’m a 30 something former unhappy serial dieter, mother and wellness coach.

I’m also a real woman, with a real life. I’m more likely to be seen with yoghurt stains on my top from my toddler, than I am walking round in yoga leggings with a green juice, and finally I’m in a place where that is a-ok. I’m super passionate about the power of self care, learning to love the skin you’re in, treating yourself like a Queen and being balanced with food and exercise because when you aren’t balanced, life is just not as bright and shiny as it should be!

I’ve created The Balance Club because I know what it’s like to be unbalanced. It’s extreme weight gain and unhealthy weight loss, it’s hating your body no matter what the scales say, it’s bingeing and feeling guilty and living half a life because the other half is obsessing about points, calories, eating fucking clean or is suck in a shame spiral for eating something ‘naughty’

So many of us are unhappy with our bodies and feel like dieting is the only option, but I’m here to tell you it’s not. The Balance Club can help you find real long lasting wellbeing in more ways than you can imagine. I’d love for you to join the revolution!

In The Balance Club I feel supported and backed up. I have a lot more clarity and focus when it comes to my personal wellbeing, I’m feeling less overwhelmed and more self-confident in looking after myself. The support of the group and Laura’s accountability approach in the Facebook group have really helped me become more balanced.


It’s taken away a lot of the pressures I have felt in the past to be ‘perfect’ I feel more at ease with my eating habits and confident in the choices I make and I really enjoy the bundles as I like trying the new recipes and exercise regimes


I’ve learned a lot, and especially enjoyed the talk by Laura Thomas, lots of interesting info. I Love connecting with everyone and learning from them and celebrating our wins and achievements and supporting each other. Since I joined the club I feel healthier and more connected. The Facerbook group is great I enjoy being able to connect with everyone, learn from them and support each other


Ready to find your balance?








Got questions? Here we go…

I don’t have time to use the resources so is it worth it?
The resources are designed to save you time! I understand what it’s like to be so busy the best dinner option is calling for a pizza and that’s exactly what the club is here to help you stop. You’ll also be getting encouraging emails from me (not spammy but enough to make sure you make the most of the membership and after the first two weeks, no more than once a week) as well as interaction in the Facebook Group. If you already spend some time on Facebook you’ll automatically benefit, you just need to join in the conversation! If after a few months it still isn’t working out you can cancel, so why not give it a try?

Why is it priced so low?
Because I wanted it to be! And I’m nice like that, but really, it’s because I know that being a working woman with a family can mean that finances are tight. I wanted the cost of The Balance Club make it an easy yes for you, especially as a founding member you’ll also be supporting me to get this off the ground. The price will definitely be increasing in 2018. This is the one and only time you’ll be able to become a Balance BFF for just £9 / $11 (or £90 / $110 for the annual membership), and lock that price in for as long as you choose to remain a member.

I actually am doing a diet / counting calories / taking part in a nutrition programme right now, does that mean I can’t join?
No, not at all. We all have our own journey to take and whilst dieting doesn’t work for many people, it might be that right now it’s just what you need. You’ll still massively benefit from everything The Balance Club has to offer, even if you are doing a more traditional diet or another programme, so please feel welcome to join.

Can I cancel any time?
Yes, you aren’t tied into any contract, cancel with a click via your PayPal account if it’s not for you, see the Terms and Conditions for more info

How does the subscription work?

The subscription uses PayPal, which is free to set up an account. If you choose to sign up your subscription will be managed via your PayPal account, you’ll also be able to cancel using this method if you choose. If you don’t have a PayPal account (they are free to set up) and wish to pay using a different method just email me at the address below and we can set up a different method.

I’m a vegetarian / vegan / have allergies or other restrictions on how I can eat. Is The Balance Club suitable for me?

The recipes provided will include a range of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free options. Recipes that are not, will be able to be tweaked or switched for your needs. The recipes are based on science based nutrition and are not geared up towards any specific ‘diet’ such as low carb or Paleo. They are all whole foods based, refined sugar free and rich in plant based ingredients. Even if you find the recipes and meal plans aren’t for you, you’ll find that The Balance Club still has a lot of value to offer.

Do you have some Terms and Conditions

Yes, you can view our Terms and Conditions here.

Any more questions? Just email me at

Ready to find your balance?